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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you will find the Resort General Rules and Information about:

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

General Rules

  1. The use of private generators is not allowed in the resort although inverters might be used if there are no noise issues.

  2. No appliances with elements may be used in the camp sites as the power supply to each camp site is only 5Amp.

  3. Water – Fresh water is provided to the resort by boreholes, not suitable for drinking (It is recommended to bring your own drinking water or purchase at the shop in the resort.)

  4. Its forbidden to wash cars, trailers, and bikes inside the resort. Boats may be allowed please ask the dive manager.

  5. There are facilities at the cleaning bay at the dive centre to wash boats and jet skis.

  6. No music or excessive noise is allowed in the resort. Low volume music will be tolerable, but all music to stop at 21h00.

  7. No smoking allowed inside the houses, chalets, tents on deck and Log Huts.

  8. Mobile Vodacom, Mcel and Movitel signal is available in the resort. There is no Wi-fi at the Resort.

  9. Malongane Beach Resort always reserves the right of admission.


Driving to Malongane

  1. It is recommended to travel the local roads with a 4x4 vehicle especially when towing a boat or trailer. 

  2. Petrol and diesel are available at Ponta do Ouro, about 8km from Malongane.

  3. Transfer from boarder or Ponta do Ouro may be available, on request.

  4. Location on google maps:,32.8889423,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1ee48f7ba77bf9d5:0x135c34a1b4be7825!8m2!3d-26.7957148!4d32.891131


Food and Beverage

  1. The resort has a restaurant and 2 bars.

  2. There is a shop next to the restaurant where basic supplies and ice can be purchased.

  3. Fresh bread (Pao) is available every day from 7h00 in the morning.

  4. No outside catering contractors may cater in the resort.

  5. Alcohol shall not be served to persons under the age of 18 years.



  1. All the accommodation except the tents, log huts and camping are serviced daily.

  2. Please report any problems immediately on arrival at reception.

  3. There is no laundry service available.

  4. Please bring your own bath & beach towels – no towels are supplied in chalets/rondavels or at any accommodation in the Resort.



  1. Plug points at the Resort accommodations & campsites all run on 5 amps and are unable to support any electrical appliances with elements i.e., hairdryers/electric kettles/electric heaters – please do not bring them – that will cause the power to trip. Most of the electrical connections in the resort are South African specifications.

  2. There are no braais at the camp sites so please ensure that you provide your own if you are camping. Remains of charcoal should not be buried or placed in vegetation, as they can be harmful to fauna and flora.

  3. No resort poles may be removed for any reason.

  4. No tents are permitted to be put up outside chalets or rondavels. Camping is allowed strictly on designated campsites.


Dive Planning

  1. Dive planning is done every evening at 17h00 at the dive centre.

  2. Only dive camp staff can do the planning or make any changes.

  3. All dives confirmed for dive planning will be charged for.

  4. The management of the dive centre reserves the right to amend any dive planning.

  5. Equipment rentals and dives for the next day to be paid at dive planning. Only clients with advanced payments are allowed to be included in the dive planning of next day after 5PM (subject to confirmation).

  6. The resort reserves the following rights:

    1. Not to launch if there are less than 5 divers on a boat.

    2. Allocate which reefs to dive on.

    3. To limit total dive time including safety stops to 55 minutes during high and prime seasons.

  7. No private scuba diving or cylinder fills are allowed in the resort.

  8. A Reef tax of R100 per person per week to the Parks Board is payable in cash at the dive centre.

Fishing and launching

  1. Fishing from the beach is still allowed without permits.

  2. Spear fishermen and vessels need fishing and launching permits that can be obtained from the Port Captain in Ponta do Ouro.

  3. The documents needed to obtain the permits, apart from the vessels to be presented in the act, are: Personal ID, vessels in date seaworthy certificate, the skippers’ original license from SAMSA and your temporary import document for the boat trailer from the customs at the border.

  4. No bottom fishing is allowed.

  5. Only jet skis used for fishing or rescue will be allowed to launch.

  6. If this is the first time that you are launching at Malongane or you have not launched here for a while it is advisable to chat to the local skippers that launch every day to ensure you are aware of any dangerous rocks, sand banks etc.

  7. Please check the site map for the allocation of the warmup area, and cleaning bay.

  8. After launching your vessel, the vehicle must be removed from the beach without the trailer (which must be parked on the beach).

  9. Life jackets must be worn during launching and beaching procedures.


Driving / Parking

  1. The speed limit in the resort is 15km/h.

  2. Please also only park in designated areas.

  3. No vehicles other than vehicles launching and recovering boats can drive on the beach.

  4. No quad bikes, motorbikes or ATV’s can be driven in the resort at any time.

  5. No driving allowed after 9h30pm. Please park car at reception and walk to your unit.


Medical assistance

  1. It is advisable to bring your own medical supplies.

  2. The dive centre may assist with basic first aid.

  3. There are no lifeguards on duty; report any emergency to the dive centre, they are equipped to handle emergencies.

  4. There is a Health Center (Centro de Saúde) at Ponta do Ouro (8 km)

Fauna and Flora

  1. No person will be allowed to utilise, move or remove any fauna and flora in and around the resort.

  2. Wood or charcoal can be obtained from the local villagers just outside the resort.

  3. No fires are allowed on the beach.

  4. No pets are allowed in the resort and for your own safety and the other guests please do not feed any animals.


Casual Staff (Biscateiros)

  1. Biscateiros can be hired to assist you at reception.

  2. Apply to the rules and form at the reception.

  3. Biscateiros are not employed by Malongane Beach Resort and therefore are client’ full responsibility.

  4. Biscateiros are only allowed to be in the resort from 7h00 until 17h00. In December and January they are allowed to be at the Resort from 7h00 until 18h00.



  1. Malongane Beach Resort does employ 24hr security staff.

  2. The resort or management does not take any responsibility for any goods stolen or damaged during your stay.



  1. No person, agent, dive school, company, brand or marketing agency are allowed to do any marketing on behalf of themselves or the Agent with other guests, or anywhere inside the resort.


Visas / Passports

  1. If you have a South African passport you do not need a visa to enter Mozambique

  2. Foreign guests who do not have a SA passport it is advisable to check with your or the Mozambican Consulate if you need a visa. Until further notice visas can be obtained at the Kosi Bay Border post.

  3. The Immigration Regulation dictates that children require unabridged birth certificates, along with their passports, when travelling. 



  1. The normal operating hours of the Kosi Bay border post is from 8h00 – 17h00.

  2. The normal operating hours of the Komatipoort border post is open from 6h00 – 22h00.

  3. Please ensure that your passport have been stamped on the South African AND Mozambican side.

  4. You need to fill in a temporary import permit for your vehicle and trailer, if you have one.

  5. Make sure that you acquire third party vehicle insurance in Mozambique, costs around R280.



  1. Although we are in a low-risk malaria area, it is still advisable to take proper precautions when to come to Malongane Beach Resort.

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